Wrestling Class


 Wrestling Class

Our wrestling classes are designed to improve your overall skill for both MMA and Jiu-Jitsu.   Our wrestling program is taught primarily by Camron Couch, who has been highly successful as a high school (State Champion) and College (All-American) wrestler, and as an MMA competitor.

In this class, you will learn multiple techniques, including those for keeping your opponent off balance to bring him or her to the ground, or quickly advancing on an opponent for a take-down (known as “shooting” for a take-down).   Take-downs are usually distinguished from “throws” by the practitioner’s forward motion and targeting of an opponent’s legs.  Typically, a takedown will involve grabbing one leg (“single leg”) or both legs (“double leg”) while pushing the opponent, causing him or her to fall to the ground.    Take-downs are featured in all forms of wrestling,  MMA and Jiu-Jitsu.

Basic Take-Downs

Learning these basic take-downs will provide you with the skill to control a fight or match:

  • Single leg
  • Double leg
  • Fireman’s Carry
  • Low Level Single Leg
  • Head Throw
  • Bear Hug

Basic Defensive Wrestling Skills                                                          

Defensive skills are also important to keep your opponent from taking you to the ground.  In our wrestling class, you will learn:

  • Head position
  • Sprawl
  • Front Head Lock
  • Wrist Control
  • Head Control

Basic Wrestling Mat Moves                                                                                               

Once on the ground, you will need and will learn many of the following skills:

  • Stand up
  • Hip Heist
  • Switch
  • Sit Out
  • Knee Slide
  • Arm Bar
  • Half Nelson
  • Leg Ride
  • Power Half

Most advanced wrestlers do not master all of the moves.  Instead, they learn which basic moves work best for them and focus on mastering them.  If you learn a handful of basic wrestling techniques and practice them consistently, it will greatly improve your game.

Come join us at our  Grapevine or Dallas gym!  Call us today at 214-738-0640 to schedule your free class.