Team Mohler News from 2008

2/05/08: Team Mohler/ Alliance Takes 1st Place Overall Adult Team Championship  at NAGA .


12/04/08:  Coach Mohler was presented 2008 Instructor of the year by NAGA The North America Grappling Association, Home of the worlds largest Grappling Tournaments. This awarded was given to Coach Mohler based on his demonstration as a  Professional when Coaching and leading a team , Success in number of  First Place Team Trophies in 2008 and number of students  earning  medals in competition.

12/01/08:  Stephen Hall Takes the absolute gold Medal division with no sleep and makes December issue of Gracie Magazine…


12/1/08: Team Mohler, Coach Mohler &  Kelly Rundle make

December Issue of Gladiator Magazine for their outstanding Jiu-Jitsu.


Jeff Glover, Paragon Black Belt, stopped by Mohler Jiu-Jitsu Wednesday night (11-10-08) as a guest instructor. Jeff demonstrated some BJJ drills that he does on a daily basis, and he also showed several awesome techniques! Jeff walked around the class to answer any questions, and to make sure that all the students were executing the techniques properly.


Cage Kings

Destruction at the Dome

By: Benny Henderson, Jr.

Last Friday night at the Horseshoe Casino Riverdome in Bossier City, LA, Cage Kings brought down the house with their second installment of fistic festivities, this one being labeled as, “Destruction at the Dome”. And again it was bloody mayhem at its finest leaving the fight fans salivating for more of the all out war waged in the cage.


The main event featured fan favorite and former Ring Rulers amateur champion Will Campuzano (3-0), who was taking on the then undefeated jiu-jitsu freak Jason Horak (2-1), in what was a technical yet entertaining fight.


Campuzano, who is usually a laid back fighter jumped right on Horak in the opening seconds of the bout attempting as flying knee, though mounted by Campuzano and eating three solid shots, Horak was able to defend against Will’s attack going for a submission via leg lock, then later with an ankle lock.


All though the attempted submission did have an ill affect on Campuzano, the tough Texan was able to take Horak’s back, and the two went back and forth. When the round was all said and done both combatants had their moments.


The second round would not be as prosperous for Horak as the round and fight came to a sudden halt when Campuzano landed a sick right hand that dropped Horak. Campuzano finished up with an assault of punches handing down Horak’s first professional loss via (KO), earning Campuzano his third consecutive victory at the time of :38 in the second.


After the bout the victor gave props to Horak stating, “my hats off to Jason, it was a tough fight but I am not a quitter.”


A defeated Horak simply told the fans, “every fighter gets caught, he (Campuzano) was the better man tonight.”



Mohler Jiu-Jitsu and MMA has  moved to it’s new location !!!

Mohler Jiu-Jitsu is proud to announce that we have  moved to a new and  BIGGER location on October 1st, 2008!  Here are some of the  features of the new academy!



Kelly Rundle, Steven Hall, Ronald Green, and Kell Kisrow all bring home GOLD!!!


American National Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2008 (Gi Division)

September 20th, 2008

Carson, California


  • Kelly Rundle – Gold Medal in Brown Belt Senior 3 Male/Super Heavy.  Bronze Medal in the Absolute Division.
  • Steven Hall – Gold Medal in Heavy and Absolute Division
  • Ronald Green – Gold Medal in the Blue Belt Senior 1 Male Division
  • Kell Kisrow – Gold Medal in the Blue Belt Master Male Division – Super Heavy


American National Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2008 (NO-GI Division)

September 21th, 2008


  • Kelly Rundle – Gold Medal – Brown Belt Senior 3 Male
  • Steven Hall – Gold Medal – (Super Heavey) Brown Belt Senior 1 Male.  Silver Medal in the Absolute Division.
  • Ronald Green -Gold Medal (Light Division) – Blue Belt Senior 1 Male




Johnny Bedford defeats Joshua Lee by Rear Naked Choke, 1st Round!!!


SWC – Supreme World Championship

September 19th, 2008

Plano, TX.


Johnny Bedford vs. Joshau Lee


Round 1


Both fighters exchange punches in the center of the ring and end up in the clinch.  Johnny goes for the leg trip and ends up in the mount.  Johnny tries to stablize his dominate position while Joshua attempts to escape the mount.  Johnny begins to soften up his opponent by punching his opponent.  Joshau escpaes the mount position and ends up in Johnny’s guard for a couple of seconds.  Johnny quickly reverses his opponent and begins to punish his opponent with a wave of punches.  Joshua turns to his stomach to avoid further punishment.  Johnny takes advantage of the situation and takes Joshua’s back.  Johnny gets full back control and sinks in the Rear Naked Choke.  Johnny’s opponent taps due to a rear naked choke in the 1st round!  Go Johnny!!!


William Campuzano wins his 2nd pro fight by Guillotine Choke, 1st Round!!!


LFC – Louisiana Fighting Championship

August 23rd, 2008

Baton Rouge, Louisiana


William Campuzano vs Seth Drago


Round 1


Both Combatants square off in the center of the ring.  Seth  throws two leg kicks to Williams thigh which doesn’t seem to phase him.  William begins to throw combos at Seth landing at will.  Seth shoots for a single leg takedown, but William is able to get back to his feet.  William jumps for a Guillotine choke and squeezes until Seth passes out!  William wins by KO Submission!  Go Will!



Team Alliance places 1st (No-Gi) at the 2008 Europa World Grappling Championship!


Congrats to Team Alliance for placing 1st place in the No-Gi Division at the 2008 Europa World Grappling Championship!  Coach Mohler was very proud of the team!


Team Alliance also place 2nd in the Gi Division.  Please CLICK HERE for the individual results.


Go Team Alliance!


Mohler Jiu-Jitsu students Stephen Hall, Kelly Rundle, and Ronald Green competed at the World No-Gi Championships in Los Angeles, CA!


  • Stephen Hall——Gold medal Sr1/Gold Medal Mens Brown belt
  • Kelly Rundle——Gold medal Sr3/Silver medal Absolute Brown Belt
  • Ronald Green—-Silver medal /Silver medal Absolute Blue


Alliance looked very strong as a team and there were some legendary grapplers there. Stephen won the Gold in his brackett, and made the quarterfinals in the Absolute!





Jon Bjorkstan & Steven Hall win the Gold @ the INTERNATIONAL MASTERS & SENIORS CHAMPIONSHIP


Mohler Jiu-Jitsu students Jon Bjorkstan & Steve Hall flew to Brazil to compete International Master & Senior Jiu-Jitsu Championship:

  • Jon Bjorkstan – Won the Gold Medal in the Senior’s Division
  • Steven Hall – Won the Gold Medal in the Master’s Division.
  • Steve also took the Silver medal at the Rio International Open Jiu-Jitsu Championship!


William Campuzano wins his pro debut in 48 sec (by TKO) in the 1st round @ Cage Kings!


1st Round – William came out very aggressively punishing his opponent with hard punches, knees, and kicks.The two combatants were clinched up against the fence both going for the takedown.  William got the takedown and threw an avalanche of elbows, knees, and a few kicks to the thighs.  The ref stopped the fight at 48 secs of the 1st round!  Congrats William!!!

07/02/08 :

Coach Mohler promoted Kelly Rundle to brown belt.  Coach Mohler said  that….From the first day Kelly walked into the gym he was like family and that Kelly is one of his hardest working students… always competing in Jiu-Jitsu & MMA  fighting men half his age.   Coach  is so proud to give a Brown belt to Kelly and have him represent Team Mohler.  Coach Kelly is one of Coach Mohlers most valued coaches and is loved by everyone..



Mohler Fighter Nathan Shaffer wins via Submission in 3rd @ Ring Rulers


Alliance  Takes 1st Place Team at the World Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2008


—————————————————————————————————————————————————-06/07/08 Matt Wiman Wins by Knock Out at 1:57 in the 2nd round at




The KOTC event was out doors and hot!!!  Kirk Gibson circled Christian Sanchez, (Little Otiz) as he backed up to the cage.  Kirk took him down with a body lock, mounted, and unleashed an avalanche of downward punches.  Kirks’ opponent gave up his back, and Kirk finished his opponent with RNC in 40 sec of the first round.





  • First place NO-GI Team Tropghy at NAGA
  • Second place GI Team Trophy at NAGA
  • Second place KIDS Team Trophy at NAGA




Kirk Gibson faced Clayton Marrs at the Free Style Cage Fighting event.  Clayton was the coach for UFC fighter David Heath. Kirk fought Clayton in his home town in front of all his students.  Kirk was focused and ready!


– 1st round Clayton was able to take Kirk down after two head shot’s that didn’t connect. He was unable to pass Kirk’s guard!! Most of the first round was in Kirk’s Guard.


– 2nd rd Kirk and Clayton came out kicking then Kirk threw another head shot to be taken down again. Kirk reversed him, got side control then tried a thumb choke from mount but lost the position. The ref then had both combatants stand again.  Kirk faked a right hand which made his head dip, and then came in with a flying knee that sent Clayton to the canvas.  Kirk fired off 3 shots until the ref stopped the fight!


Kirk Gibson will fight Kenny Giddens July 26th in Tulsa (FCF) for the right to fight Jason Maxwell for the belt. Good Luck Kirk!!!




Sunia Filikitonga d. Thomas Naylor by KO R1

Sunia Filikitonga wins via TKO (Strikes) at 0:41 in the 1st round.

Super heavyweights Sunia Filikitonga and Thomas Naylor came

together in a matchup of two men with a combined weight of 589 pounds. I

t was Filikitonga, of Dallas, Texas, who used his fists to prove how hard

and quickly fellow big man Naylor could fall.


Quickly pushing his opponent against the ropes, 300-pound Filikitonga

landed crushing right after crushing right, causing referee Jenkins to

step between fighters for the third time of the night. The record says

that Thomas Naylor of Houston lost his pro debut 41 seconds into his first round.



Steven Hall Gets Promoted to Brown Belt


Coach Mohler promoted  his student Steven Hall to brown belt.  Coach Mohler said  that “giving Steven a brown belt was one of the proudest moment as a coach”.  His character, work ethic, performance and technique was worthy of Brown belt. Steven Has been all over the world competing in this past year proving himself.’


We are honored to have a student like Steven at our gym.



2008 Team Mohler/Alliance Pan Am Results!


Team Alliance Takes first place team trophy at 2008 Pan American Championships…

CONGRATS Jacare, Fabio, Marcelo Garcia,Franjinha, Fabio Gurgel, and Allen Mohler and all of the Alliance instructors and competitors that made this happen!!


Johnny Bjorksten (Mohler/Alliance) Black belt took silver at the Pan Americans ….

Steven Hall (Mohler/Alliance) Purple Belt Took Gold in his division and bronze in the open.

JJ Holmes (Mohler/Alliance) blue belt took Gold adult Med/heavy blue belt with over 80 competitors in his bracket. See what GRACIE MAGAZINE has to say about our team!


CLICK HERE to view the flash photo gallery of Team Mohler/Alliance at the 2008 Pan Ams!


Marcus Hicks is Wins Again at the WEC!!!


Ed Ratcliff  vs. Marcus Hicks Round 1


Hicks cracked Ratcliff with a left hand that buckled his knees and sent him to the canvas. When Ratcliff stood, Hicks slapped on a deep standing guillotine, but Ratcliff escaped danger. Hicks blasted away with two left haymakers. Another guillotine followed, which forced Ratcliff to tapout at 1:42 of the first round.

Marcus also wins submission of the night from UFCs Dana White!!!



Kelly Rundel vs. Skip Hall

Kelly Rundel Defeats Skip Hall with a TKO in the 1st Round @ Dixi Throwdown


William Campuzano Wins  the 2008  Ring Rulers Grand Prix!!!


William was required to fight 3 MMA Fights in one night in order to win the belt of Grand Prix Champion.


  • QUARTER-FINALS – Will Campuazono def. Elia McNamara – Unanimous Decision
  • GRAND PRIX SEMI-FINALS – Will Campuazono def. Kenny Hardcastle – KO – :13 rd. 2
  • GRAND PRIX FINALS – Will Campuazono def. Kyle Miers – Unanimous Decision


Johnny wins the 2008 Dallas Golden Gloves!!!


Johnny made a goal for himself over two years ago.  His goal was to fight and win the 2008 Dallas Golden Gloves.  At age 34 Johnny Lozano fought Thurs, Fri, and Satruday night to win the Dallas Golden Gloves (18-34 Adult Division).


Johnny stated, “I would like to thank my boxing coach George Prevalsky for his patience and boxing instruction.  I would also like to thank  my teammates Shawn Winters, Reza Anvarian, Luis (Lennon) Torres, Gaylan Flemons, and Tom Blanc.  I would like to give a special thanks to Charles Brown for cornering/coaching me in all three of my fights. Thank you Allen Mohler for all your support (I’ll be back in Jiu-Jitsu soon). Thank you to all my family, friends, and other teammates who supported me as well.”


  • Johnny def. Steve Cravens
  • Johnny def. John Naugle (Semi-Finals)
  • Johnny def. Blake King (Finals)


Congrats Johnny!!!

2008 Golden Gloves Champion/152 lbs (Welterweight Division)





Stephan Hall flew to Portugal to compete in the 2008 European JiuJitsu

Championships!  After the airlines losing his luggage, having to rent a gi,

and borrow a purple belt, Steve kept his cool and kept focuced for his

upcoming matches.


Stephen hall won the absolute divisoin with 6 subs plus his division

( senior 1 heavyweight ) with 3 subs  in the Purple Belt divisoin.

Congrats Stephan Hall!!!


Texas Rangers pitchers train with mixed martial arts Rangers pitchers Kevin Millwood and Kameron Loe work out at Mohler Jiu-Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts Academy in Irving.