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    Kelly Rundle Takes Gold

    On March 15, 2015, Kelly Rundle became the 2015 Pan American BlackBelt Master 5 Superheavy Champion taking home two gold metals. Trained in BJJ for about ten years. An Alliance Black Belt under Allen Mohler First MMA fight at the age of 40 in Ft Wayne, IN. Ten MMA fights and countless BJJ matches at every level […]

    Oren Jones Takes The Win

    In the CXMMA: Annihilation, Oren Jones goes up against Dylan Belt. Jones wins by submission of the rear naked choke within only 2 mins and 59 seconds of the first round. This would have been his 12th match of his amateur career.

    Juan Pina Wins at STFC

    In the 7th match of his career, Juan Pina goes up against Orlando Rodriguez at the STFC 33- Domination. Juan won his match on the 3 round by submission (triangle choke).

    Mohler MMA Receives Outstanding Dedication Award

    XKO-Xtreme Knockout presented Coach Allen Mohler an outstanding dedication award in appreciation to mixed martial arts community. Coach Allen Mohler has been in the MMA world for over 24 years now and if very honored to have recieved this award. Allen Mohler wants to say a big thank you to Thomas Bussey of XKO Knockout […]

    Coach Mohler promotes eight BJJ Belts in one night!

    Tonight was a very special night. I had the honor of promoting six men to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt and 2 men to purple belt. Looking back there has been a lot of special memories and good times with this group of guys.  Im so thankful for Team Mohler!   -Coach Mohler Rocky Budri- Black Belt […]

    Team mohler takes the 1st Place kids team trophy at NAGA

    Real proud of all my  kid coaches they did awesome helping me get the kids ready for Naga. We took the first place kids Team worlds trophy at the North American Grappling Association tournament this weekend! Big thank you to the coaches , the kids and the parents.there were a lot of good teams. Glad to have these […]

    Team Mohler News 2014

    TEAM MOHLER NEWS 2014   Welcome to our Blog. Catch up on the latest News Events and Fights about Team Mohler for 2014!  Thanks for taking the time to visit our blog about Team Mohler News.  One of the goals of this blog is to keep the  public and our students informed about current news and […]