staying fit for the holidays

Staying Fit for the Holidays

Staying Fit for the Holidays

The Holiday music is blaring, there is a chill in the air, and the invitations to holiday parties are starting to roll in along with the greeting cards your on-top-of-everything friends are already getting out in the mail.  With holiday parties come endless buffets and delicious libations.  Not only is there the chance to maybe have a few too many drinks, but to overeat at the cheese and cracker station.  Let’s not forget all the cookies your neighbors are bringing over, too.  Staying fit during the holidays almost seems impossible with so many temptations lurking around every corner.

While you may not have as much time to hit up the gym, there are some precautions you can take to keep in shape well into the new year, and they aren’t as hard as you may think.

  • Aim to maintain not to lose.  Often people get overwhelmed with the idea that they need to try to lose weight over the holidays to get a head start on their New Years Resolutions.  This often leads to frustration and most people inevitably give up, and end up totally ruining their diet in the process.
  • Eat healthfully all day before a party.  Having a healthy diet all day makes it a lot less tempting to ruin it over the sweets that are staring at you at your second holiday party of the week.
  • Enjoy drinks in moderation.  It’s ok to have a drink or two at a social function, but going overboard will not only ruin your intake for the day, but will likely have a lasting effect over the next day, or possibly the whole weekend.  It’s hard to eat healthy when you feel terrible from a few too many cocktails the night before.

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