Health and Fitness Goals

Reaching Your Health and Fitness Goals

Reaching Your Health and Fitness Goals

Have you found yourself in the gym day in and day out without getting the results you want? Do you find yourself sore and not as energized to exercise? Or is your immune system down because of all the germs you encounter at the gym? All of these examples are normal feelings and side effects when it comes to working out, so how do you stay with your health and fitness goals?

This is where cryotherapy comes into play.

So, what is cryotherapy? It’s a cold sauna in which you stand and your body is enveloped in extreme cold temperatures. Sounds a little crazy, right? In those 3 minutes your body will direct blood flow away from your extremities and after the treatment your body will recirculate the blood. This helps with your body’s recovery time, cutting it in half essentially.

So say goodbye to feeling sore after the gym, and say hello to cryotherapy. Other benefits from include, boosting your immune system, reducing pain and inflammation, promoting tighter and healthier skin, assisting in cellulite reduction, increasing energy and athletic performance,  and lastly, burning up to 800 calories per session! Burning that many calories a session is sure to be a big boost in promoting any weight loss.

So what’s stopping you from trying it out today? We here at Mohler Cryotherapy know how beneficial it is for those wanting to maximize their health and fitness goals, that’s why we’ve made it affordable to all. Your first session is only $20, we also offer package deals that are discounted and monthly memberships which save you money. A one month membership with Mohler is $175 for unlimited use, that saves you over $400!

Cryotherapy just isn’t for the professional athletes, the benefits are endless and we want people to take advantage of it to accomplish their goals, whatever they may be.

If you’re interested in trying out a session, or you have more questions please don’t hesitate and contact us today!