Private Lessons

Private Lessons

Private Lessons

While Mohler Mixed Martial Arts is known for the quality of our group classes, some students prefer one-on-one private lessons.

Private lessons enable the instructors to teach technique in a manner that will optimize learning and take advantage of student’s strengths (size, speed, etc.).  They do this by helping the student assess his or her abilities and developing a personalized plan to take the student to the next level and further.

While anyone can mimic a particular technique in the way it is demonstrated, many techniques still require some modification to fit the abilities and body type of the student.  Private lessons give the student the opportunity to work a technique in different ways to find the “detail” of the technique that works best for them.

On a broader scale, through one-on-one private lessons, your instructor will help you discover your “game” – the specific style that best suits you – so that you can maximize your proficiency based on your age, weight, height, athletic ability and natural inclinations.  For example, some students like working from their back so they can sweep opponents and score points.  Other students prefer to stay on top of their opponent where they can work for various submissions.

Each Mohler MMA instructor has a unique style developed and refined over many years of teaching and training.  In a private lesson at Mohler MMA, you may learn your instructor’s secret techniques as well as key strategies.  Our higher belts often train with each other apart from class to exchange their secrets and strategies.  Those higher belts who teach private lessons are more than willing to share their secrets and strategies with their private students.

Private training is available at our Dallas and Coppell locations.

If you are eager to learn with maximum efficiency, private lessons are for you.  Call us today at 214-738-0640 to schedule your private lesson.