How Cryotherapy Works to Alleviate Pain

How Cryotherapy Works to Alleviate Pain

How Cryotherapy Works to Alleviate Pain

Scientists have long been aware that cool temperatures can be beneficial to the body. This is evident in our use of ice packs for anti-inflammation purposes when there is swelling on the body. Furthermore, cool temperatures have been shown to preserve organs and provide longevity for some of the body’s internal parts. Recently, doctors and medical professionals have been using a technique known as cryotherapy for alleviating pain. Cryotherapy involves using an ice pack, water immersion or whole-body cryotherapy immersion technique. It has shown to be highly effective in reducing pain and symptoms of discomfort. It is particularly useful for those who have suffered an injury.

Natural Painkiller

Cryoptherapy is considered a natural painkiller. The cool temperatures are able to reduce motor and sensory nerve conduction. This alleviates pain by actually slowing down the way nerves react and send signals to the body.


Cryotherapy is a natural vasomotor, causing blood vessels to widen and result in lower blood pressure and controlled reflex alterations in the heart rate. This allows blood to flow better and reach the muscles of the body.


Cool temperatures are known to reduce inflammation. A reduction in inflammation also reduces pain. Inflammation is generally a reaction to injury or infection and involves redness, hotness and swelling. It is generally painful and this pain can only be reduced through eliminating the inflammation that is causing it.

Muscle relaxation

Cryotherapy allows the muscles in your body to relax. This reduces pain by easing the body’s reactions and allowing the muscles to expand and retract normally. Muscle relaxation can also help to lower your heart rate and ease the body into a more comfortable state.

Cryotherapy is a great way to find relief from the constant struggle of dealing with daily pain. If you have questions, please contact us.