Celebrity Connoisseurs of Cryotherapy

Celebrity Connoisseurs of Cryotherapy: Who Does Cryo and Why?

Celebrity Connoisseurs of Cryotherapy: Who Does Cryo and Why?

The practice of whole body cryotherapy is rapidly making its way from Sci-Fi movies, into the fitness and medical routines of popular acting celebrities and sports figures. Modern science fiction thrillers still dramatize cryogenic freezing techniques as a way to preserve the physical body for future adventures. Recently, films like “Vanilla Sky” (Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz) and “Interstellar” (Matthew McConaughay, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Michael Caine) still make cryo-practice seem like the stuff of fantasy.

Don’t let the acting fool you, though! Modern cryotherapy appears to be a viable health practice that, according to an article in Inc.com, is being used for a variety of health conditions and ailments. Curious who does cryo and why? Some well-known A-list celebrity connoisseurs of cryotherapy are:

Kobe Bryant – The Phoenix Sun’s superstar has used cryotherapy to accelerate recovery from knee surgery and alleviate muscular aches and pains.
Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Alba – Both practice cryo in hopes of boosting collagen production, increasing cellular oxygen and stimulating the production of natural body chemicals, such as adrenaline and endorphins. Tight, smooth skin with lessened appearance of pores is the desired result.
Celebrity.yahoo.com reports Instagram posts, citing cryotherapy sessions attended by:

Derek Hough – The dashing dancing pro might experience calorie burning, metabolism revving, relief of sore muscles and improved mood.
Mark Ballas and Willow Shields – Are other dancing devotees that have tried it, in search of similar effects.
Mandy Moore and Minka Kelly – Also posted Instagram photos, sporting face masks and bathrobes.

Contact us to experience what all the buzz is about. Although, total body cryotherapy is a celebrity trend, the price is hardly a stretch for most ordinary folks; less than dinner out at a fine-dining establishment!